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In-Depth Video Camera Inspection in Lynbrook, NY, and the Surrounding Areas

Avoid the guesswork just to identify the problem in your sewer system. It’s time to talk to the experts at NY Drain Guy for an in-depth video camera inspection in Lynbrook, NY, and nearby areas. Our video camera inspection services will help identify the primary cause and location of your specific sewer pipe issue.

Breakdown of the Process

Video cameras are among the most important pieces of equipment used in plumbing. This type of inspection is normally used to investigate a blockage or clog in the sewer and analyze the condition of pipes. The process is typically performed by a professional who inserts the camera inside the drains via an access point.


The camera then moves through the pipes, offering the experts a clear view of your drains. Sometimes a video recording of the inspection can be availed to give you a proper understanding of the condition of your drains. Video camera inspections are safe and non-invasive.

Things We Check

  • Clogs

    There are many items that end up in the drain. A video camera can help trace the exact location of these items for removal.

  • Leaks

    Sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint the exact place where the leakage is happening. But with a video camera, our experts can easily determine where and fix the problem.

  • Tree roots

    Tree roots can also cause major problems in your plumbing system. A video camera inspection can help identify the pipes that have been affected.

  • Pipe collapses

    Whether old or new, pipes can collapse if installed incorrectly.

After identifying the source of the problem through video inspection, our experts may recommend replacement, repairing damaged pipes, or cleaning via hydro jetting.


Video Camera Inspection FAQs

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